the result of a project undergoing since mid 2006 with our partners from Norway, norjobs srl was created in september 2007, shortly after the norwegian labor market open to the new E.U. states.

We choose to work with Norway because of the high standard of life, the strong economy and of the wide variety of projects which offer opportunities in all domains.

Being a young company, we compensate the fact we are not yet well known on the market by putting more work into our services so every client, be it company or candidate, has a good impression and it is satisfied by the services we performed. You are, after all, our best business card. We pay special attention to communication, because good communication gives results as close as possible to what you request.


our goal is to select the candidates for you, from the best trained and educated workers.

When you are doing business with us, you find out that we do the best we can to deliver only the qualified candidates, that meet the requirements for the job.
In order to give you a selection of good candidates we search trough our data base, trough our partners data base, we publish ads on newspapers, internet, banners, advertising boards, fliers etc.
Because at the moment we can't deliver Norwegian speaking candidates, we select only those that can meet the requirements regarding the English language.